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Jamie gets adopted!

Jamie finds her furever home more than a year after coming into rescue!

Jamie has been with her foster-to-adopt (FTA) family since July 2nd. A few weeks ago, I was ready to have Jamie come back to our home as a foster. Her FTA wasn’t prepared to make her part of their home permanently. There had been a single woman that expressed interest in adopting Jamie, but that fell through. While making arrangements to bring Jamie back to me, I was given one of the best surprises I could have received, Jamie’s FTA decided they were in love with her and couldn’t let her go.

These past 3 months have not been smooth sailing, and Jamie was true to form during her time with her FTA. She gets along great with their dog, Layla, and the two would play all day if they could. Jamie LOVES her new Mom which is no surprise, as she bonds quickly with women.

As she did when she lived with me, it took longer for Jamie to warm up to her new Dad. When she first arrived at their home she would bark, growl, and lunge at him, as she did to Craig and Jason. As noted in Jamie’s last diary update, I gave Eddie some bonding exercises to do with Jamie so in time she would relax around him more. In her predictable fashion, it took nearly 12 weeks for Jamie to settle in. She now does great with Eddie when he is not moving around, snuggling and laying with him on the couch.

I met them at their adoption appointment at the To Love a Canine Rescue adoption center in Malvern, PA. Eddie exited the car first to complete the paperwork. When Margaux exited the car with Jamie, the moment she saw me, she started her goofy wiggle and gave me tons of kisses. While Jamie was sitting in my lap, Eddie returned, and Jamie went up to him, excited to see him, which made me so happy.

They filled me in on how Jamie is improving and how they still have a few hurdles to work through. I reminded them that I am always here to help with training and available to support them with Jamie. They asked if I would be up for watching Jamie at my house when they went on any upcoming vacations. Without hesitation, I said yes. Jamie will always be welcome in our home.

Jamie’s success story shows how rescue isn’t always easy. She was in and out of TLC since August 2019. Her siblings were lucky in that they found their furever homes much quicker. I have been lucky to work with her brother Jake and his adoptive family. Jake has had a few of his own obstacles to overcome, but is now doing great. I recently heard from Jamie’s brother Joshua’s adopters; whose new name is Mikko. He also had some issues in the beginning, but is now doing much better.


                                                Jamie’s brother Mikko FKA Joshua

Some dogs need extra love, care, and time. Some dogs need extra support and training before they can be ready to find their furever home. When rescues like TLC take on dogs that seem to be “less-adoptable” it can take a team of dedicated people to help these dogs become the best dog they can be. I am proud to be a part of TLC since its inception in 2013.

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